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Medexa is a third party administration (TPA) company, founded and organized in Amman, Jordan in 1999 as a private sharing company, Medexa's has grown tremendously over the last 10 years, both in its customer base as well as its Knowledge and skills.

Medexa  prides it self on its dynamic environment - never content with the status quo , Medexa Constantly strives to challenge conventional knowledge in healthcare and insurance sectors to bring the best solutions to its clients.

Medexa's strategic plan is seeking to achieve the optimal healthcare services and management , Medexa opened several branches in Middle East and Africa regions ( Jordan , Syria , Oman , Egypt and Libya )

Medexa owned experience and techniques enabled it to many customers and managing health insurance contracts for more than 150.000 beneficiaries, positioning Medexa first TPA in the Middle East .

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